I don’t think that our Committee members should be paid UNITS.


  • We are a Not For Profit and it is really unusual to pay committee members. We are NOT BP
  • If committee members are unpaid volunteers they have a lot of legal protection under Queensland law
  • It is a very bad look when traders are selling soap at 1UNIT and Committee members are billing the system for 1000 UNITS
  • We are a trading organization, not a bureaucracy organization if we pour money into the bureaucracy we will get more bureaucracy
  • because accepting payment makes me an employee and I’m NOT an employee, I’m a trader.


Committee members are members as well, I see no harm in them being paid to do work for the organisation
Just like every other member

I could be wrong

and there is plenty of room for other arrangements but this is what I am thinking

what do you think ?


4 responses to “I don’t think that our Committee members should be paid UNITS.”

  1. I have been a non profit management committee member for different groups since 1995. I have only ever seen nominal amounts of money, like $100, paid as honorarium to management committee members.
    The idea of taking units is not something necessary for me to stay but damn I will be charging if everyone else is and the admin accound no longer has a limit.

  2. thankyou Kelly, I value your input

    I gather there is a move to not pay anyone to be a committee member
    This comes from the committee members.
    We shall see

    Personally, I would like to be flexible. If someone asks for payments in units for work that fall inside their roles – I don’t want to make rules
    This is Roy Hanfling’s blog, it doesn’t represent the commitee

    I don’t think I will be accepting units for being a committee member or doing the the work that comes with that role.

    I thought of a 5th reason on the way to work.
    At one time (years ago) I was offered payment some jobs I did for the committee.
    I declined and I was recalling one big factor was that accepting payment from the person who controlled the purse string meant that I became their employee.
    I am not an employee, I am a trader.

    I don’t have any bosses in this here organisation and I don’t want any

    I am here to serve the interests of the organisation and the people who voted for me.
    Truth, fraternity and an alternative to money.

    • Good for you lovely. The employee issue stings a bit. I know tbat some past committee members saw it as paying themselves, hands in the kitty which makes it less like an employee/employer role but more nasty.

      • once upon a time, in a LETS far far far away
        I read that

        The committee took all the levies and paid them to themselves
        The most important people got the most
        The “volunteers” who worked under them got nothing 🙂

        I remember calling it “Feudal Slavery” and some people got a wee bit cross with me.

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