How to work together in small groups of volunteers ?

I am thinking today about how to work together in small groups of volunteers

Specifically in the emerging BrisLETS MC

The first point for me is that we are volunteers so “directives” “orders” and coercion are a shallow bluff. If we want someone’s cooperation we need to invite it.

It’s much “easier” when you hold someone to ransom with wages, they either do what they are told or stop getting paid.

We don’t do that

How do we invite cooperation

I think we always share information and decision-making. These backroom conversations (and I am guilty 🙂 ) do a lot of damage

I think we always need to be scrupulously polite (and I have sinned), people don’t cooperate when they are angry or afraid

I personally need to be careful to avoid the paranoia, I think that remembering to talk with people and not about them, is a good principle

I think we need to keep perspective. At the risk of offending someone, “This is only monopoly money, no one has to die”

We need to remember what we are doing is important. Alternative currencies have the potential to contribute to saving the planet

I think we need to support each other in maintaining good mental and physical health – not working too much, as an example, Understanding that most of us have some kind of health challenge

I think we need to assume positive intent, that the fact that someone chooses to spend their energy here is a demonstration that they have and to build things with others

I think we need to be non-defensive and non-defensive fits in with non-blaming.

We are all going to make mistakes as we learn.

It also occurs to me that not many of us have has the experience of working with a group of cooperative, volunteers.

Most of us (like me) have been trained under money and capitalism, power and bullying, those skills will tear us apart here

Alternative currencies for me are about a different way of relating. Cooperation rather than power and control.

What have I missed?
What have I got completely wrong?
Tell me about my hypocrisy?
Ignore me?


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