So, BrisLETS wants a members area?

FB is giving us trouble

  • the flow has stopped
  • the archives have been ransacked and destroyed
  • control is arbitrary and erratic
  • the FB group is NOT owned by BrisLETSS
  • there are a very small minority of members who have access

What do we really need?

I like the idea that conversations are available and searchable so we can look back to years ago and not reinvent the wheels

I think that people might choose to do private gossip in private spaces but that’s their business

I think that the members’ area needs to be official. so no deletions, no disrespect, stick to the facts and responsible moderation

I think that the member’s area needs to integrate with the newsletter

I think the member’s area needs to be password protected, entrance is via the CES site or Membership and password

I think that access needs to be offered when people sign up, the Welcome message needs amending

I think the best way to get it running is to build it and invite people

Modifications are always possible

I think that BBPress might be the right plugin we could integrate more extensive systems if there was ever a need

I think it might be useful to archive some of the files as a primer, and invite everyone and I can probably send every single person on the database an identity and a password


Forums, made the WordPress way



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