Often people find it hard to have their rights and opinions respected.

It is sometimes useful to have a person, like me, with the right skills and knowledge to support you.

Sometimes you just need to be pointed in the right direction, and sometimes it’s good to have someone walk with you.

This person is often called an advocate.

I worked for many years in various teaching, management and advocacy roles. I am quite good at advocacy.

I am happy to

  • support you as a peer advocate.
  • help you sort out the issues,
  • find resources,
  • discuss options, without pressuring you,
  • write the letters, attend meetings
  • and talk to people with you.

I am NOT a professional advocate, I am not insured, and I work for 30 units an hour. and I don’t make decisions on your behalf, there is no warranty.

If I think you are being unrealistic, I will honestly say so. I will support you in getting your rights but I won’t support you in using systems for mistreating others.

Some of the situations where people might use my advocacy are interactions with government departments like Services Australia (Centrelink), Department of Housing, NDIS, and Health and Aging. I can help you prepare consumer complaints and to follow up on refunds and warranties. I can support you with computer fraud but mostly that is changing your passwords and referring the issue to the appropriate authorities.

Sometimes all it takes is to make a phonecall or a letter.

I am neither a lawyer, an accountant, a union official, a doctor or a tax expert but we can find you one if you need one.

We might even be able to find you a specialist advocate at the right price.

Organisations usually require that you fill out a form appointing me as your advocate before they will talk with me.

As much as possible I will never talk about you, without you.

Usually, I would encourage you NOT to employ me. Self Advocacy is the best kind of Advocacy because you learn how to support yourself but I can help you with that

I offer a free 1/4-hour consultation to LETS members 0434 764 082 and there are free resources and links on this site.


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