What is community (one)

I am having this chat with someone about BrisLETS “community”
The young people are yearning for community

I think you are part of a community if you get COVID and two people check in to see how you are and if you need something ?

See What is community two


2 responses to “What is community (one)”

  1. Yes I would see that as being part of a supportive community.
    I see LETS trading as a way to create community through connecting with others. Getting your material and practical needs met at the same time is a bonus.
    It would be great to see local hubs grow so hat in-person connection is easier.

  2. I see “community” as a pretty hard headed construct 🙂

    I have a friend from India, she says “you lot have no idea what community is” she says”in my community being part of a community has been built of surviving the last famine”

    material and practical as hell 🙂

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