Roaming Admin

I can:

  • help you manage your CES Exchanges,
  • build and maintain WordPress websites,
  • Manage and set up Facebook groups and pages
  • I can do Newsletters, Mailouts and Promotional Material
  • support members and admins.

I have done quite a bit of that over the years.
I did admin work for BrisLETs last year and for Noosa LETS when there was no one locally.


I have a keyboard, and some IT skills and I have retired from a long career in management and social service.

You can pay me in units if you want but usually, it’s a pretty quick job for exchanges that need help and I have time and a commitment to LETS

  • I can do any of the LETS admin tasks for you and quite a bit more.
  • I can point you to ways you and your team can learn to do these tasks.
  • I can help you if you get stuck.


You can check me out here

My LETS blogging platform

My Facebook account

One of the FB groups I set up and manage is

A FB page I set up and maintain in the company of others

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