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  • Young people in China embrace ‘stooping’ culture of turning rubbish into treasure – ABC News

    Young people in China embrace ‘stooping’ culture of turning rubbish into treasure – ABC News

    Picking up unwanted items from the street is becoming a new trend among China’s young generation, with city “stooping” groups emerging on social media across the country’s major cities. Source: Young people in China embrace ‘stooping’ culture of turning rubbish into treasure – ABC News

  • Doughnut Economics

    Doughnut Economics

    Doughnut economics, is a visual framework for sustainable development – shaped like a doughnut or lifebelt – combining the concept of planetary boundaries with the complementary concept of social boundaries.[1] The name derives from the shape of the diagram, i.e. a disc with a hole in the middle. The centre hole of the model depicts…

  • My question for this MM is..

    My question for this MM is..

    “what are we going to do and more specifically what should I do”? MM Groups are wonderful forums for people to support each other, they extend networks, elevate our circles of support, they are a place to co-develop ideas, and help build skills and aspirations. It’s a lot to get done in an hour I…

  • Promotions


    The time has come,’ the Walrus said,       To talk of many things: Of shoes — and ships — and sealing-wax —       Of cabbages — and kings — And why the sea is boiling hot —       And whether pigs have wings.’ – The Walrus – Kathryn Spencer has done a lot of LETS Australia promotions and…

  • Mastermind Group

    Mastermind Group

    Tony Robbin’s explanation of Mastermind groups is inspiring he suggests that MM groups are similar to mentoring but with more people there is ongoing reciprocity and more people to draw on Mr Robbins suggest benefit include Personally, I have found the processes extremely useful, getting people to participate is the hardest problem -me- Resources Tony…

  • Project: Alternatives to LETS

    Project: Alternatives to LETS

    A new project, There are a heap of new (from LETS perspective) ideas coming outSome are rubbish, in my opinion, most of the crypto things to start.butsome are interesting.SoI thought I might work through some of themandI might assess them My criteria is based on what I want from an alternative currency, I want: Sounds…

  • …about the LETS system

    …about the LETS system

    There is NO grace, charm or community in money. Buying things with money is as dehumanised as it possibly can be. We don’t even have people at the supermarket checkout now. Money is so tied up in scarcity and competition and grasping

  • TBCE FNQ Community Exchange (QLD)

    TBCE FNQ Community Exchange (QLD)

    FNQ Community Exchange has always been an inspiration Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/114157795271259 Website Source: Home – FNQ Community Exchange – Tableland LETS | FNQ Community Exchange – Tableland LETS Offers and Wants Current Offers Listhttps://www.communityexchange.net.au/offerings.asp?xid=TBCE&cat=all Current Wants Listhttps://www.communityexchange.net.au/wants.asp?xid=TBCE&cat=all If you are logged in you can see this? Information about exchangehttps://www.communityexchange.net.au/exchshow.asp?xid=TBCE Trading statisticshttps://www.communityexchange.net.au/statstrading.asp?xid=TBCE

  • Roaming Admin.

    Roaming Admin.

    I can: I have done quite a bit of that over the years.I did admin work for BrisLETs last year and for Noosa LETS when there was no one locally. so I have a keyboard, and some IT skills and I have retired from a long career in management and social service. You can pay…

  • Sacred Economics

    Sacred Economics

    Charles Eisenstein Sacred Economics Eisenstein wrote his 2011 book Sacred Economics as part of the New Economy movement.[8] The book revolves around the theme of how the current monetary system based on interest and usury, along with the abandonment of the gift economy, led to social alienation, competition and need for an economic system predicated…

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