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  • Mutual Credit.

    Mutual Credit.

    This is a nice summary of the mutual credit systems like CES/LET Guy James and his friends use an open source version of CES called IntegralCES Guy James also looks briefly at– Capitalism – Fiat money– Bitcoin– Debt and he offers some ideas on solutionsI don’t think the mutual-credit based Holochain is a going concern…

  • Mutul credit wikipedia and AI

    from wikipedia Mutual Credit Explained Mutual credit is a system of exchange where members trade goods and services using a record of debits and credits instead of traditional currency. It’s like a giant IOU network within a trusted community. Here’s a breakdown of the key points: Is it money? There’s debate about whether mutual credit…

  • What is Mutual Credit

    What is Mutual Credit

    Mutual Credit is the core of LETS I thought I would have go at a definition of Mutual Credit Mutual credit is where a group of people extend each other credit to buy things from each otherThere is a ledger that shows who has credits and who has debits and there is no interestNo Money…

  • Better than Barter

    Better than Barter

    LETS is better than barter With Barter, we are led to some unlikely trades and a large inventoryWith LETS the sidequests could end and the antique Cello could be traded for Units A stronger sort of Anarchy if you want

  • Fediverse


    One of the secret powers of LETS is that it is a federation There are hundreds of separate LETS running under CES and they are (largely) independent BUT If you have (one) CES/LETS identity you can trade with anyone in the federation Practically if you are trading material goods you are best to trade inside…

  • Grow Your Own Services

    Grow Your Own Services

    This is a site encouraging non-technical people and organisations to create their own online services such as websites, social networks, personal clouds, instant messaging etc. Source: Grow Your Own Services – A beginner’s guide to creating your own little corner of the Internet

  • Easy WordPress Guide

    Easy WordPress Guide

    A simple, easy to read WordPress Manual 43% of the internet uses WordPress You can read the Easy WP Guide WordPress manual online, download the free PDF, or purchase the eBook or brandable Word document. If you’re a WordPress consultant, use it to help your clients get the most out of their brand new site. Grab…

  • If CES went down

    If CES went down

    Would this be a suitable platform for LETS Could CES go down? I don’t know, it is a closed proprietary system. Cyclos The Cyclos team created a handy WordPress plugin, free to use for anyone using WordPress. “If you use WordPress to manage your website, you can use our Cyclos plugin to let your website…

  • Sociocracy


    The serenity, inclusivity, and gratification experienced within sociocracy has to be encountered first-hand to be fully appreciated.

  • So, BrisLETS wants a members area?

    So, BrisLETS wants a members area?

    FB is giving us trouble What do we really need? I like the idea that conversations are available and searchable so we can look back to years ago and not reinvent the wheels I think that people might choose to do private gossip in private spaces but that’s their business I think that the members’…

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