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  • What is Mutual Credit my Version

    What is Mutual Credit my Version

    Mutual credit is where a group of people extend each other credit to buy things from each other There is a ledger that shows who has credits and who has debits and there is no interest No Money ever changes hands and people are encouraged to return their balance to zero.

  • Better than Barter

    Better than Barter

    LETS is better than barter With Barter, we are led to some unlikely trades and a large inventoryWith LETS the sidequests could end and the antique Cello could be traded for Units A stronger sort of Anarchy if you want

  • Fediverse


    One of the secret powers of LETS is that it is a federation There are hundreds of separate LETS running under CES and they are (largely) independent BUT If you have (one) CES/LETS identity you can trade with anyone in the federation Practically if you are trading material goods you are best to trade inside…

  • Grow Your Own Services

    Grow Your Own Services

    This is a site encouraging non-technical people and organisations to create their own online services such as websites, social networks, personal clouds, instant messaging etc. Source: Grow Your Own Services – A beginner’s guide to creating your own little corner of the Internet

  • Easy WordPress Guide

    Easy WordPress Guide

    A simple, easy to read WordPress Manual 43% of the internet uses WordPress You can read the Easy WP Guide WordPress manual online, download the free PDF, or purchase the eBook or brandable Word document. If you’re a WordPress consultant, use it to help your clients get the most out of their brand new site. Grab…

  • Sociocracy


    The serenity, inclusivity, and gratification experienced within sociocracy has to be encountered first-hand to be fully appreciated.

  • So, BrisLETS wants a members area?

    So, BrisLETS wants a members area?

    FB is giving us trouble What do we really need? I like the idea that conversations are available and searchable so we can look back to years ago and not reinvent the wheels I think that people might choose to do private gossip in private spaces but that’s their business I think that the members’…

  • LETS is political

    LETS is political

    I’ve been thinking today about how nice LETS is, calm reasonable gentle and socialBUTIt’s not really is it? LETS is about alternatives and change and the money people don’t want alternatives and change BUTWith the ecosystems and social structures falling about our ears it’s what we desperately need ?

  • Prisoner’s Dilemma, Cooperation Wins

    Prisoner’s Dilemma, Cooperation Wins

    Cooperation is effective and powerful introduction to game theory Source: Roy Hanfling – Thanks Mr Richard Baxter | Facebook

  • The New Yorker: A Guide To Getting Rid Of Everything

    The New Yorker: A Guide To Getting Rid Of Everything

    https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2022/02/28/a-guide-to-getting-rid-of-almost-everything-decluttering (Please note that the article sits behind a paywall) https://newswire.freecycle.org/wp-content/uploads/2024/04/A-Guide-to-Getting-Rid-of-Almost-Everything-_-The-New-Yorker.pdf

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