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There are a few of us who can’t come to trading events, which is a shame, Making physical contact with people is one of the wonders of LETS

We often can’t come because of health, distance and the fact that we don’t have physical goods to trade.

We, The LETS Virtual Traders Group, do things like, websites, online help and learning, and remote services and I would hazard a guess that we do the work because we are interested rather than becoming a billionaire.

if you want to offer a service as part of The LETS Virtual Traders Group go here
If you need some work done have a look here and talk to me

LETS is a wonderful tool;
– we can help people set up things they need on mutual credit, you don’t need a positive balance to make a start
– we can usually be very responsive and personal.
– we can help you access a wide range of skills you would be amazed at the range of skills available on CES. Business training, websites, graphics, maintenance and remote healing.
– we usually ask for workman’s wages, 35 UNITS an hour rather than $150 an hour that the people in the money system have to ask if they are working in the money system.
– we can help anyone anywhere in the world.
– can do very small jobs by the minute and quite large jobs


Why don’t you Start your own online business, our group can help you set up an online store, and help you with advertising, accounting, tax and business strategies
You can pay us in units and take profits in cash but you might like to take some UNITS to pay our workers

Get (or provide) online counselling, support and healing, many people get a lot of support from online councillors and healers, The group can help you find people who do this work and we encourage people to leave feedback, that you can check, as a way of showing appreciation for good work.

help you set up and maintain a FB group or page for your cause or business.
FB is very complicated now, so getting help from a specialist can take away a lot of the stress. You get on with your business or cause and we can set up the systems for you.
Once the systems are set up there is a need for fresh content and moderation – Maybe we can help you find someone to do this

Get someone to make a flyer. pamphlet or meme

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