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  • Putting it up on youtube

    Putting it up on youtube

    YouTube Video Size: The Perfect Resolution, Dimensions & Aspect Ratio +Thumbnail Tips Source: YouTube Video Size: The Perfect Resolution, Dimensions & Aspect Ratio +Thumbnail Tips Material on Youtube becomes available for a long time and can be gathered under brand name. The requirements are not complicated Content 16:9 landscape 1920X1090 less than 128 gig and…

  • food Cooperatives

    food Cooperatives   In short: Families are making significant savings on their grocery bills by forming small shopping co-ops. Cooperative business structures account for less than 1 per cent of the supermarket sector in Australia. What’s next? The peak body for co-ops is calling for more government support for the business model.    

  • Remember Heidmarie Schwermner ?

    Remember Heidmarie Schwermner ?

    Heidemarie Schwermer lived without money from 1996 to 2016. Little by little, the former teacher and psychotherapist broke away from the prevailing constraints of society and found her feet in her newly acquired freedom

  • Producing a Newsletter

    there are several skills involvedlike desktop publishing is a way of precisely and reliably organising text and graphics on a printed or digital page Scribus is free desktop publishing package that is similar in function to professional and expensive programs One of the reasons that someone might want to volunteer to do a newsletter is…

  • Will Ruddick

    Will Ruddick

    It’s not quite mutual credit, is it? The article is very clear that the state fiat currency always leaches out, it’s the shortage of money that is the problem No trades are possible if no one has money except….

  • Free Money

    sometimes in the transition money is useful, how do we get free money about free credit and what that means

  • why are you still paying money for the things you need

    Capitalism puts a price on everything

  • Assets in Common

    Assets in Common Transform the Economy with Strategies in“Assets in Common” Unlock the power of interconnected, purpose-driven enterprises to build a resilient, equitable future. “Assets in Common” is your guide to revolutionizing the U.S. economy through shared ownership and steward ownership.  Dive into real examples and their success factors, uncovering strategies that create efficiencies and boost competitiveness.

  • Bartercard


    Is our most well known B2B Mutual Credit System It provides a range of service including a networking service It uses trade dollars not barter and pays tax on trade dollars at the same rate as the local fiat currency The Fees are high

  • What could I learn from Tradeswap

    What could I learn from Tradeswap

    link: Tradeswap is our australian Mutual Credit platform, I think it started out Business to Business (B2B) It’s fee based and it uses MLM to recruit new members. Mr Anderson says that 70% of the fees go back to members The proprietor Laurence Anderson says, people don’t care about the fees they will pay…

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