keeping records on forums

I’m not a lawyer but it appears to me that these forums are official records of the proceedings of a legally incorporated association.

and that

falsifying records made in this place, like deleting someone’s comments

would be


So how should admins moderate comments that are abusive or attack other people?

1) if a group admin identifies inappropriate comments they need to make a record, there is a separate admin channel attached that we use.

2) When we need to moderate someone’s comments we need to inform them of the issue and give them the opportunity to correct the problem.

3) If the person fails to correct the issue within a reasonable time then an admin might remove the comment, notify the person and make a record.

3) after the issue is resolved the admin might consider removing their requests to fix the problem, the goal is to moderate not to humiliate.

The record remains but it is only available to admins or on request from legitimate stakeholders

If people disagree with an admin’s decisions they can talk to the admin team and they might register a complaint.


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