what do we do now?

I read Kelly’s editorial and trading day agenda item with interest, I agree wholeheartedly

I would like to contribute my viewpoint.

Kelly says

We want to get some feedback from you all about the Admin Account going into the Red for an infinite number of units as we voted for no levies on buys and sells at the August AGM. With no levies being collected, we have no funds to pay members when they do work for us etc. This goes against principles of CES. We really want to know how you feel about this. We will be discussing this at the October Trading Day this Sunday.

If you are unable to attend, please respond by email to treasure@brislet.com.”
(BrisLETS Newsletter October 2022-1)

I think that the Members made a clear decision to:”

1. To remove the 2000 positive account limit Carried
2. To create a 200 negative account limit on new members for 12 monthsCarried.
3. To remove the 4% transaction levy Carried
4. The management committee can spend units as it sees fit including creating a negative unit account balance.Carried

(2022 BrisLETS AGM Agenda 18.9.22)

Personally, I am not sure that these are all good decisions (sorry). I would be fascinated to see where these decisions go against CES principles. I’m not saying they don’t but I would need to see a source.

SO I think that we need to accept the democratic decision and move on

Or not?

How DON’T we manage an infinite number of units spent as the MC see fit?

I have written elsewhere about a land far away in time and space where a LETS committee took the entire income of the exchange an paid it to themselves.
The president and Secretary got the most, the worker horde got nothing.
I think that this kind of feudal hierarchy with an infinite number of units spent as the MC sees fit.

Is, silly.

Lets definitely not do that?

How DO we manage an infinite number of units spent as the MC see fit?

These are not my ideas I have discussed this with a number of other people.
1) I think that we continue to be very careful with the admin units, there is a big danger that if we pour infinite units into the system our hard-earned units will be worth nothing (inflation)

2) I think that people should only be paid for doing work that benefits and develops BrisLETS as a whole.
I propose that DON’T pay committee members for filling a position but committee members should have the same chance of taking on ADMIN-paid work as anyone else.
I think we should pay close attention to ROI (return on investment)

3) We need to adopt a fair tendering process, the ADMIN account can put out a WANT on the trading pages “wanted people to undertake a project within the following budget”.
Any member (even MC members) might apply and there would be a process to select and support the best person.

There are plenty of projects, we need people to deliver pamphlets, write policies, collate historical material, and support new traders, there is quite a list.

I don’t know, what do you think?

I am a bit bruised at the moment please attack the ideas (if you wish) but not me personally




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