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  1. My preference is to support members in posting promotional material, I don’t want to do a lot of that.

I can

  1. It’s important that the process is distributed and succession proofed. It’s no good if just one person or one group does the promotion people need to take a share and ownership and the promotion can continue if the one person quits
  2. I am happy enough to co/generate a list of hospitable places to post.
    • sales sites
    • alternative currency and end of money
    • poor people
  3. I can automate the posting on a regular basis, I think this is important and I think we need to track what promotional material is working https://blog.hootsuite.com/facebook-auto-poster/ is $149 a month!
    Personally, I can’t see justification for paying Hootsuite. We can do it with out it.
  4. https://www.shopify.com/au/blog/common-facebook-advertising-mistakes is a good discussion of issues
  5. I can do draft themes, they include things like “How do you buy things if you don’t have money” and “What would we do if money stopped working” and produce them as memes
  6. These can be conversations in groups with a solution linked in. We don’t do broadcast advertising we build an engaged community and FB finds it hard to stop this
  7. Maybe we can have a private page where we achieve material
  8. Canva-style posters but we need our own branding and we can’t get that unless we pay Canva so we can work around that
  9. I can arrange so that each person post promotional material has a unique URL to measure how many people click through
  10. when people are interested I can give them a link/map to their local (I can record this)
  11. need to establish that the local is functioning or not put them on the list
  12. As people have pointed out there is a lot of reach with radio and television and we could be a good story

It would be good:

  1. people promoting get recognised
  2. that we can collect things that people create on
    FB but also somewhere better
  3. That exchanges are aware of where their new people come from and that they put some effort into supporting and welcoming them


  1. It might not be possible for exchanges to cooperate
  2. Previous promotion didn’t ask permission and that might be a key dynamic
  3. They won’t give permission or support but neither will they deny it, it’s an interesting part of the dynamics of the loose federation and the common CES

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