The Entrepreneurship Industry

1) Start here

Personally, I find a good start is to read the encyclopedia entry, it a solid investment with an excellent ROI


2) Veblenian Entrepreneurship.

What is driving the declining quality of innovation-driven entrepreneurship? In this paper, we argue the growing entrepreneurship industry …

Source: Towards an Untrepreneurial Economy? The Entrepreneurship Industry and the Rise of the Veblenian Entrepreneur by Rasmus Koss Hartmann, André Spicer, Anders D. Krabbe :: SSRN

3) Startup Failure Rate Statistics (2023)

According to the latest data, up to 90% of startups fail. Across almost all industries, the average failure rate for year one is 10% However, in years two through five, a staggering 70% of new businesses will fail.

thanks Oliver Siegel

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