Radical Honesty

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To be honest, I am finding my return to BrisLETS difficult.
So many people with so many wonderful needs and interesting strategies for getting them met.

I have become a monk these days poverty, chastity, and tranquillity

So I need to remind myself how to be at peace in the BrisLETS world

As a start, I am going to try to practice honesty

  • This doesn’t mean that I will blurt out everyone else’s secrets – i’m not attempting to be honest FOR other people
  • This doesn’t mean I will deliver scathing uninvited character assessments – these are more likely to be projections on my part, than honesty.
  • This doesn’t mean I just blurt things out without regard to people’s feelings – the meaning of a message is the response we get and I can’t imagine I would mean to hurt people very often.

I will attempt to

  • not hide my inadequacies or mistakes.
  • speak my truth but understand my control is limited, “non-grasping”
  • not be afraid or angry, it’s only monopoly money no one has to die.

I sound like a wanker don’t I,
it’s an act of honesty 🙂

PS I have a copy of the Brad Blanton book, I think there is a lot of psychopathy there 🙂

2 responses to “Radical Honesty”

  1. We all are meant to be honest and at the same time manage to harm none Roy. Best wishes to you with this task you have set yourself.
    In my 27 years as a management committee member of different non-profit organisations, I have twice almost had a nervous breakdown. I recognise the signs now and am not going to get there again over BrisLETS. It is extremely important to put ourselves first at all times and we can forget this when we see a need for our work in the non-profit arena.

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