Project: Alternatives to LETS

snowflakes, flakes, snow

A new project,

There are a heap of new (from LETS perspective) ideas coming out
Some are rubbish, in my opinion, most of the crypto things to start.
some are interesting.
I thought I might work through some of them
I might assess them

My criteria is based on what I want from an alternative currency, I want:

  • Most probably mutual credit systems, if there is a speculative issue of currency then it’s a ponzi scheme not a trading system
  • Proven track record, it doesn’t have to be turning over a billion dollars and probably shouldn’t
  • Distributed it isn’t run by a central transient profit-taking businesses
  • Minimal to no fees, no interest and no political agenda or power struggles
  • Stable
  • Local, I think so
  • Secure enough, there are issues here but secure for me means that people have easy access to information but that information not an opportunity to rob me (us)

Sounds like LETS to me so far 🙂

See Alternatives to check

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