My question for this MM is..

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“what are we going to do and more specifically what should I do”?

MM Groups are wonderful forums for people to support each other, they extend networks, elevate our circles of support, they are a place to co-develop ideas, and help build skills and aspirations. It’s a lot to get done in an hour

I have been invited to make a presentation this month to get some clarification about how I could be usefully involved.

I like LETS, I have been a member since July 2017 and have a range of experience and skills, I like to work and would like to contribute more.

I am an old bloke I don’t get out much. my contributions would need to be from home and I am probably good for another year or so.

What can I do to help?

I have had a look across the exchanges and I think LETS is still working fine in many places.

I have had a look at some of the new (from LETS point of view) trading systems and some are horrible, some are OK and LETS still seems to be the best of them

I have looked at our Australian LETS promotions and there are substantially less of them, I think we could benefit from new members.

I admire that people create successful LETS by trading (rather than talking), and I am working on my offers which by necessity need to be virtual and don’t need to be entirely local



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