Mastermind Group

Tony Robbin’s explanation of Mastermind groups is inspiring he suggests that MM groups are similar to mentoring but with more people there is ongoing reciprocity and more people to draw on

Mr Robbins suggest benefit include

  • they help extend networks
  • they will elevate your circle of support
  • co-develop ideas
  • build skills and aspirations
  • provide a supportive community

Personally, I have found the processes extremely useful, getting people to participate is the hardest problem



Tony Robbins


Wikipedia seems to be a bit antagonistic to Napolean Hill lately and questions his authenticity

Mastermind group – Wikipedia


The author from Forbes in 2013 seems very enthusiastic and sketches out a process

Reasons to join a mastermind group

Think and Grow Rich, Napolean Hill

Napolean Hill first detailed his ideas in this book

Think and Grow Rich

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