Source: Australian Museum of Squatting

There aren’t enough places for people to live, and families are homeless
and yet
strangely there are more than a million empty houses

I think it’s time to get squatting again, squatting provides
1) housing for people
2) it asks serious questions about speculation and basic needs
3) it’s a focus for communities and groups to develop

Table of contents for Australian Museum of Squatting

Australian Museum of Squatting

How to squat (S!N)

How to Squat (Wikihow)

Info-Usurpa – Barcelona

Krakenpost (NL)

Leerstände melden (DE)

Loads of movies about squatting

Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space (New York)

Occupations & Properties

Okupar Barcelona

Radar Agenda

squat!net help

Squatter’s Handbook (Australia)


Squatters Handbook (UK)

UK Squatting Archive



 Crisis Ipswich Brisbane



Queensland Squatting Handbook

Local copy

Living Homeless on FB


Living in a van



Jonathan Sriranganathan, Councillor for The Gabba

Does Brisbane Need A Vacancy Levy?


Thousands of homes across Brisbane were sitting empty on the night of the 2021 Census.

If you’re looking for an empty home to squat, one useful tool can be to look at the Statistical Area 1 datasets, which break the city up into small blocks of only a couple of streets. For each SA1, you can see how many unoccupied homes there are in that neighbourhood.

This is a helpful way of identifying the neighbourhoods that might have particularly high numbers of empty dwellings and where you’re more likely to be able to find a suitable place to squat.

For example, in the precinct around Paradise Park in Highgate Hill, there are about 230 private dwellings, with 22 unoccupied.

Whereas in the precinct between Baines St and Toohey St in Kangaroo Point, there are 200 dwellings but only 5 unoccupied.

When you’re looking, just choose ‘Statistical Areas Level 1’ on the map search, then once you’ve selected an area, choose ‘View Quickstats – All Persons’ under the search results.



Is it true or did you read it in the Courier Mail


Queensland Government is making a “response” to the housing crisis


Help to Home is one of the many ways we are increasing access to safe, secure and affordable housing for Queenslanders.

We are seeking vacant properties, from the private market, to sublease to registered community housing providers.

They will manage the property and tenancy and deliver expert services to people eligible for social housing. If a community housing provider is not available in certain locations, the property may be managed by our nearest Housing Service Centre.

Squat the Planet


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