Places on FB where I can share blogs posts

In my quest for world domination, I need to consider that there are:

  • My local exchange
  • Australian exchanges
  • Worldwide exchanges
  • People who are interested in alternative currencies
  • People whom it has never occurred to think of alternative currencies but who have problems with money
  • ..
  • other dimensions
  • other times
  • ..
  • platforms that are not FB

With FB the trick seems to be to search the hashtags for example

“alternative currency”

Some other groovy tags include

#CommunityInclusiveCurrency . Grassroots Economics., #CommunityAssetVouchers, #TimeBanking, #AlternativeCurrency, #EconomicDemocracy, #barterunit , #alternativecurrency, #communitycurrency

They cut and paste well enough

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