Sardex’s founders outside their office in Serramanna, Sardinia Sardex’s founders outside their office in Serramanna, Sardinia © Alessandro Toscano

Sardex a B2B, Mutual Credit system born out of hard times in Sardinia

“[In Sardinia] the social fabric was destroyed. And we started knitting.”

Financial Times


● Sardex is an electronic system of Mutual Credit for Sardinian companies. Lawyers, accountants, media companies, shops, hotels and utility companies all use it.

● To be eligible, a firm must have spare goods or services to offer to participating firms and be willing to make purchases within the network using Sardex.

● All firms begin with zero Sardex, earning the electronic currency as they transact with other members.

● Firms can go into Sardex debt but only up to a limit set by the administrators. No interest is charged on balances.

● Transactions of less than €1,000 must be carried out in Sardex. Larger transactions can use Sardex with euros.

● All transactions are tracked via a centralised system in Serramanna. VAT on transactions is paid in euros.

● Members are charged an annual fee according to size, ranging from €200 to €3,000.

See the Financial Times article for more details

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