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  • Mutual Credit – The Open Co-op

    The Open Co-op has partnered with LowImpact to develop a UK Mutual Credit Network. Please visit the Open Credit Network for the latest details What is ‘mutual credit’? Mutual credit provides a mechanism for businesses to trade without money, via a credit clearing system. A credit clearing system is an arrangement in which a group…

  • Guide to mutual credit

    Enhance local, circular, sustainable trade with mutual credit & resource mapping Doughnut Econics Source: Guide to mutual credit | DEAL

  • Mutual Credit

    Learn how mutual credit could challenge the current banking system with its focus on money-less trade and exchange within local communities. Source: Sustainable living info, courses, products & services |

  • Community Exchange System

    Source: Community Exchange System | Your Talents are Your Wealth

  • Community Exchange System Australia

    Community Exchange System Australia

    Source: Community Exchange System Australia | Online trading system for Australian LETS groups & Community Currencies

  • The Guerrilla Gardening HomePage

    Guerrilla Gardening Is it relevant, looks to me as if someone owns this an they don’t want to share?

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