Right to Roam

Ramblers cry victory after picnic protest at country pile

Source: Ramblers cry victory after picnic protest at country pile | News | The Times

Freedom to Roam, Wikipedia


Right to Roam UK

Ours is a wild and a beautiful island. But the vast majority of it is unknown to us because, by law of trespass, we are banned from setting foot on it. We are excluded from hundreds of thousands of acres of open space – of woodland, meadows, rivers and their banks – simply because ancient laws of ownership fail to recognise the importance of nature to the public.


Right to roam Australia

Although formerly a British colony, Australians only have limited access to the land, according to The Sydney Morning Herald.[58] However, much of Australia’s land area is Crown land, which is administered by the Australian states, and while a lot of this consists of pastoral leases, and land owned and run by Aboriginal people (e.g. APY lands), access is normally permitted for recreational purposes to “unallocated” Crown land; though motorized vehicles are required to follow roads.[59]

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