Original LETS design manual

I think Michael Linton is aggressive and contrary here but he is probably right

LETSystem Design Manual

This version was supported and published by the Birmingham Co-operative Development Agency.
Written by Michael Linton and Angus Soutar for Landsman Community Services Ltd of Canada.

1. Fundamentals of the LETSystem
1.1 The Community Economy
1.2. Currency and Values
1.3 Fundamentals
1.4 Definition and Account Holders’ Agreements
2. Registries and multiLETS
2.1 The Registry
2.2 multiLETS – within and beyond the Registry
2.3 CapitaLETS, LETShare and other familial types
3. Organisation and Operations
3.1 Organisation of the Registry
3.2 Organisation of the LETSystem
3.3 Software
4. Legal Issues
4.1 LETS and Government
4.2 Taxation
4.3 Social Security
4.4 Liability
4.5 Data Protection
5. System Development
5.1 Development Strategy
5.2. Regional Development Funding
5.3 Development Organisation
5.4 Regional Development Plan

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