If CES went down

Would this be a suitable platform for LETS

Could CES go down?

I don’t know, it is a closed proprietary system.


The Cyclos team created a handy WordPress plugin, free to use for anyone using WordPress.

“If you use WordPress to manage your website, you can use our Cyclos plugin to let your website visitor interact with your Cyclos installation. This plugin allows users to log in into your Cyclos installation directly from your WordPress website. And/or you can use this plugin to show a list or map of Cyclos users from your Cyclos installation on your WordPress site.

The Cyclos plugin can be downloaded from the WordPress plugins repository and is described in more detail below. Because the plugin is available on the WordPress plugins repository, it is completely open-source (GPLv2). Therefore, you can not only use the plugin in your WordPress site free and easily, but you can also look in the plugin code and use it as a coding example for your own project using the Cyclos REST API.

Cyclos WordPress plugin – Secure and reliable banking software



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