Category: Associations

  • Post Growth Institute

    An international, not for profit organization working to enable collective wellbeing within ecological limits. We develop and promote ideas, experiences, training, and alliances that facilitate the equitable circulation of money, power and natural resources in our communities and global economy. Source: Post Growth Institute

  • The Open Co-op

    The Open Co-op

    The Open Co-op is a multi-stakeholder cooperative.We organise events and run projects to help create decentralised collaboration at scale. Source: About – The Open Co-op

  • Community Exchange System Australia

    Community Exchange System Australia

    Source: Community Exchange System Australia | Online trading system for Australian LETS groups & Community Currencies

  • Right to Roam

    Ours is a wild and a beautiful island. But the vast majority of it is unknown to us because, by law of trespass, we are banned from setting foot on it. We are excluded from hundreds of thousands of acres of open space – of woodland, meadows, rivers and their banks – simply because ancient…

  • Offers and Needs Market

    Imagine you had… A simple way to build trust, community, and confidence. A joyful way to help people connect, build partnerships, and meet each other’s needs. An inclusive way to guide communities through challenging times. An effective way to reduce environmental impact. … there is a way. The Offers and Needs Market (OANM) is a…

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