Category: George Monbiot

  • Doughnut Economics

    Doughnut Economics

    Doughnut economics, is a visual framework for sustainable development – shaped like a doughnut or lifebelt – combining the concept of planetary boundaries with the complementary concept of social boundaries.[1] The name derives from the shape of the diagram, i.e. a disc with a hole in the middle. The centre hole of the model depicts…

  • Participatory Democracy

    Participatory Democracy

    We are told that states and the dominion they impose, however dysfunctional and destructive they may be, are an inevitable and irreplaceable form of human organisation. Bookchin and those he has inspired help us to challenge this claim.

  • Private Sufficiency, Public Luxury

    How is it possible to own land? I find it remarkable that this basic question is so seldom asked. The current pattern of ownership and control of land lies at the heart of many of our biggest dysfunctions: the collapse of wildlife and ecosystems, the exclusion and marginalization of so many people, the lack of…

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