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  • Democratic-Money-Part-5.pdf


    My goal for monetary reform is to construct an interest-free exchange system thatcan complement the ideal conditions of a decentralized market economy by:1) Supporting small local and regional businesses;2) Maintaining the medium’s integrity by ensuring it is administered within the context of its use;3) Providing a means of democratic participation in local money matters, giving […]

  • The New Barter Economy

    The New Barter Economy

    PDF | A new form of barter economy is emerging in many industrial nations. People are exchanging goods and services through Local Exchange and Trading… | Find, read and cite all the research you need on ResearchGate Source: (PDF) The New Barter Economy: An Appraisal of Local Exchange and Trading Systems (LETS) Local Download

  • Community Exchange System

    Source: Community Exchange System | Your Talents are Your Wealth

  • Community Exchange System Australia

    Community Exchange System Australia

    Source: Community Exchange System Australia | Online trading system for Australian LETS groups & Community Currencies

  • I think that mutual credit is the key

    I think that mutual credit is the key

    I think that mutual credit is the key, that bitcoin is a disaster

  • Making Money

    Making Money

    Q: Where does Money come from A: It is printed by the government and carries an enormous profit Q: Where do UNITS come from. A: We create them when we trade and there is no one taking a profit

  • Original LETS design manual

    Original LETS design manual

    LETSystem Design Manual This version was supported and published by the Birmingham Co-operative Development Agency. Written by Michael Linton and Angus Soutar for Landsman Community Services Ltd of Canada.

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