This is a blog where I (Roy) pontificate grandly on the subject of Mutual Credit, more specifically Local Exchange Trading Systems (LETS), more specifically again using the platform of the Community Exchange System (CES) as I negotiate my way through *Brislets

* please note
I am not, under any circumstance attempting to “administer nor create a Facebook group or page, web page or other online location or email list associated with or in the name of BrisLETS for the purpose of trading LETS units”

I’m just blathering on, you can’t trade from here.

This is the list of jobs I am working on for BrisLETS in my capacity of elected Elected Committee Member, CES Admin, Website Admin and Membership Secretary feedback and support appreciated

  • On the perfect committee

    On the perfect committee

    A committee is best when people barely know it exists.Not so good when people obey and acclaim it.Worse when they despise it. But of a good committee. who talks little,when their work is done,their aim fulfilled, they (the people) will say: ‘We did it ourselves.’ Misquoted from Lao-tse (c. 565 B.C.) So:

  • Dealing with disrespect

    Dealing with disrespect

    Eleanor Sharman 23/October/2022 Author 1. The first stage of addressing disrespect is to ‘call it out’. This involves telling someone specifically and objectively what it was that YOU experienced that was inappropriate. You make an ‘I’ statement. Eg “I find it………(offensive /inaccurate etc) when you say ……(repeat the specific words or observed behaviour).” 2. Next, […]

  • keeping records on forums

    keeping records on forums

    I’m not a lawyer but it appears to me that these forums are official records of the proceedings of a legally incorporated association. and that falsifying records made in this place, like deleting someone’s comments would be naughty. So how should admins moderate comments that are abusive or attack other people? 1) if a group […]

  • On trust

    On trust

    The poem goes When love has gone there is always justiceWhen justice is gone there is always forceWhen force has gone there is always love someone Most of us would prefer to live in a loving trusting environment but things happen and so we cooperate with each other based on law and professionalism. It works… […]

  • Digital Signatures are pretty easy

    Digital Signatures are pretty easy

    At base, we can just use a scanned handwritten signature, like this.

  • We need a members-only area?

    We need a members-only area?

    Learn how to set up a membership area on your website using built-in features of WordPress in this nifty step-by-step tutorial! Let’s say that you (or your client) want to set up a membership area on a WordPress site with little to no money to spend on web development (sounds familiar?) Whenever I hear someone mention that they want to set up a members-only area on their site (it happens a lot when you mingle with businesses who want to go ‘fully digital’, trust me!), the first thing I want to do is find out what they need and want to achieve. Do they really need a fully automated membership site hosted on a dedicated server with all the bells and whistles, or just a basic way to protect access to some content for a specific user group?

  • What are the powers and duties of the MC

    What are the powers and duties of the MC

    Having searched the constitution and surveyed the act I see no scope for mandates or orders in our constitution?No powers only duties President 22 Meetings of the management committee (9) The president is to preside as chairperson at a managementcommittee meeting.34 3) At each general meeting—(a) the president is to preside as chairperson; and(b) if […]

  • Incorporated associations

    Incorporated associations

    Incorporated associations guide We have published a Smart business guide for incorporated associations. Download or print the guide for details about running an association. It gives you all the information, but check this website to make sure it’s still up-to-date.

  • How to handle bad faith arguements

    How to handle bad faith arguements

    Once you recognise these weak tactics, you can easily outwit them So we should focus on that relentlessly and never get distracted by bullshit, bad faith arguments.

  • Radical Honesty

    Radical Honesty

    I will attempt to:

  • not hide my inadequacies or mistakes, lest someone make a meal of it
  • speak my truth but understand my control is limited, “non-grasping”
  • not be afraid or angry, it’s only monopoly money no one has to die.
  • I have a censorship policy

    I have a censorship policy

    I don’t censor and this ain’t Facebook If someone says something shitty It stays here

  • Making Money

    Making Money

    Q: Where does Money come from A: It is printed by the government and carries an enormous profit Q: Where do UNITS come from. A: We create them when we trade and there is no one taking a profit

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