This is a blog where I (Roy) pontificate grandly on the subject of Mutual Credit, more specifically Local Exchange Trading Systems (LETS), more specifically again using the platform of the Community Exchange System (CES) as I negotiate my way through *Brislets Committee

I’m done now, it was a trip 🙂

* please note
I am not, under any circumstance attempting to “administer nor create a Facebook group or page, web page or other online location or email list associated with or in the name of BrisLETS for the purpose of trading LETS units”

I’m just blathering on, you can’t trade from here and elsewhere there is no mention of BrisLETS

  • …on administrating and moderating FB groups for BrisLETS

    …on administrating and moderating FB groups for BrisLETS

    1) We have to make it a safe environment so there should be NO personal attacks. Complaints are another issue but a complaint requires more than just attacking someone in our public forums 2) Admin can’t just delete post and comments that irritate or distress them, these are official records 3) Records need to maintained,…

  • A complaints process for BrisLETs

    A complaints process for BrisLETs

    A complaints process for BrisLETs On our website we acknowledge the need for a complaint/mediation policy and announce our intention to attend to this as resources become available Well, it’s a good day to start, I’m not sure of a process but here are some resources

  • Demands  versus requests

    Demands versus requests

    People rarely respond willingly to demands while they might respond to requests and the key idea is it is OK if they don’t. “We can help others trust that we are requesting, not demanding, by indicating that we would only want the person to comply if he or she can do so willingly. Thus we…

  • What is community (one)

    What is community (one)

    I am having this chat with someone about BrisLETS “community”The young people are yearning for community I think you are part of a community if you get COVID and two people check in to see how you are and if you need something ? See What is community two

  • What is community (two)

    What is community (two)

    I also think that we have been conned into buying services as a substitute for community – age care, support workers etc Q: Does your $20 BrisLETs fee buy you a lifetime community?A: NO, you can’t buy community you have to reach out to people and build a community. It can’t be couriered to your…

  • our official and latest T&C

    our official and latest T&C

    – a lot of decision-making is delegated to the “management support team” i.e the people who do the actual work – that several of the proposition has proven to be impractical, like returning account balances to zero when people leave – “administrative fees” have never worked, we end up billing inactive accounts – clause 18,…

  • What are policies and procedures?

    What are policies and procedures?

    Policies are a set of agreed guidelines about what and why our organisation does what it doesProcedures are about how to do these things. They need to be documented and published and they are usually open to change as circumstance change Writing policies and procedures usually takes some particular skills and all stakeholders should be…

  • I admired the process that Kelly Watts used to get agreement from the committee to spend association funds

    I admired the process that Kelly Watts used to get agreement from the committee to spend association funds

    https://www.facebook.com/groups/1180878222106353/posts/2078167052377461/ 28 Resolutions of management committee without meeting (1) A written resolution signed by each member of the management committee is as valid and effectual as if it had been passed at a committee meeting that was properly called and held. (2) A resolution mentioned in sub-rule (1) may consist of several documents in like…

  • How should we manage passwords ?

    How should we manage passwords ?

    I think -roy- next step This needs be documented as a procedure put into actionandIn a timely manner, procedures should be approved by the MC and published as part of the association’s documentation (updated oct 31)(updated jan 29)

  • On the perfect committee

    On the perfect committee

    A committee is best when people barely know it exists.Not so good when people obey and acclaim it.Worse when they despise it. But of a good committee. who talks little,when their work is done,their aim fulfilled, they (the people) will say: ‘We did it ourselves.’ Misquoted from Lao-tse (c. 565 B.C.) So:

  • Dealing with disrespect

    Dealing with disrespect

    Eleanor Sharman 23/October/2022 Author 1. The first stage of addressing disrespect is to ‘call it out’. This involves telling someone specifically and objectively what it was that YOU experienced that was inappropriate. You make an ‘I’ statement. Eg “I find it………(offensive /inaccurate etc) when you say ……(repeat the specific words or observed behaviour).” 2. Next,…

  • keeping records on forums

    keeping records on forums

    I’m not a lawyer but it appears to me that these forums are official records of the proceedings of a legally incorporated association. and that falsifying records made in this place, like deleting someone’s comments would be naughty. So how should admins moderate comments that are abusive or attack other people? 1) if a group…

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