This is a blog where I (Roy) pontificate grandly on the subject of Mutual Credit, more specifically Local Exchange Trading Systems (LETS), more specifically again using the platform of the Community Exchange System (CES) as I negotiate my way through *Brislets Committee

I’m done now, it was a trip 🙂

* please note
I am not, under any circumstance attempting to “administer nor create a Facebook group or page, web page or other online location or email list associated with or in the name of BrisLETS for the purpose of trading LETS units”

I’m just blathering on, you can’t trade from here and elsewhere there is no mention of BrisLETS

  • So, BrisLETS wants a members area?

    So, BrisLETS wants a members area?

    FB is giving us trouble What do we really need? I like the idea that conversations are available and searchable so we can look back to years ago and not reinvent the wheels I think that people might choose to do private gossip in private spaces but that’s their business I think that the members’…

  • Congratulations to me

    Congratulations to me

    On completing my term as a committee member and admin forBrisLETS, Well done Roy I’m having a think about LETs in general. -roy-

  • Dispute resolution

    Dispute resolution

    All incorporated associations are required to have a grievance process by 22 June 2022 If they don’t (and we don’t) then they would need to follow the processes set out in the model rules provided by the Office of Fair Trading Complaints must be documented and if they are not resolved within the specified time…

  • In support of mutual credit

    In support of Mutual Credit

    Crypto is a Ponzi scheme and it always collapses and most people always lose real money.

  • I think that mutual credit is the key

    I think that Mutual Credit is the key

    I think that Mutual Credit is the key, that bitcoin is a disaster

  • document archive

    document archive

    Archiving documents needs to be quick, simple and easy because not everyone who manages BrisLETS website has a lot of WordPress skills

  • Our best teachers

    Our best teachers

    Our best teachers are the ones who try and stop us They help us discover new skills, new strategies and new ways

  • Gmail is blocking our mail

    Gmail is blocking our mail

    Gmail don’t care, we are working on it https://www.facebook.com/groups/1180878222106353/posts/2141776126016553/

  • I have a friend

    I have a friend

    I have a friend She complains that she can’t understand these posts.. I write them mostly for myself so they are idiosyncratic and coded to fit my world

  • everyone wants a return to community

    everyone wants a return to community

    BUT We seem to have forgotten the social skills that made community work Like “being polite”

  • First outline – can you help?

    First outline – can you help?

    Index Table of Contents License 1 Authorship 1 Index 2 Introduction 2 This Document 2 The CES 2 The BrisLETS Management Committee 2 Managing the BrisLETS Community Exchange System (QLD) 2 Managing our Website 3 Access; Admins. Editors 3 Making Posts and assigning categories 3 Publishing the Newsletter 3 Backups 3 Getting Help 3 Newsletters…

  • Management Support Team

    Management Support Team

    I find it interesting, the old MC delegated a lot of authority to the Management Support Team. The management support team are the workers We have 4 voting committee positions and 7 management support team roles I actually think this is a very good idea, the people who do the work make the decisions about…

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