A Complete Taxonomy of Internet Chum – The Awl

Source: A Complete Taxonomy of Internet Chum – The Awl

“…ask yourself — when was the last time a piece of internet content asked you, “how well do you understand your subconscious mind” and truly meant it?

In what other cultural medium can you find the deepest libidinal channels of the brain truly laid bare, with the quarterly pay-per-click revenue report to back them up?

Have you lately exercised your deep-seated impulse to view an image of a weeping soft-cooked egg sitting on top of the pimple-encrusted face of Uma Thurman?
What are you waiting for?

Into the chumpools. The fetid ball of soggy electric fat at the other end of your clicking finger will thank you for the workout.”

Serious question

should I make this a separate post and link it (later)

Thanks Stever Marshall

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